Our History


In 2001, Gretty Zueger left her job as engineer at software company to follow a passion she’s had since she was young, starting her own clothing company. Being a mom of two, Zueger was excited to start a second-career as an entrepreneur. After noticing that many major fashion brands sold basic or generic designs at a high price, Zueger started her own clothing company, creating unique designs using high-quality materials.

The finest natural and unprocessed materials from around the globe are sourced for the line. Pima Cotton, one of the finest fibers in the world, is used to create luxuriously soft as well as long-lasting chic couture. Natural silk, a beautiful and breathable fabric, is fashionable as well as comfortable and hypoallergenic for everyday wear.

Zueger, originally from the developing country of Peru, wanted to give back to her native country by doing her textile manufacturing there, but found her design-inspo in New Mexico. Zueger’s designs were inspired by the diversity of fine artisan goods and blend of the Anglo, Hispanic, and Indian ethnicities in Santa Fe. Zueger decided to add embellishments to the fabric by piping or incorporating mixed-media into her pieces. The original Gretty Zueger line had more of a mid-west feel and was even featured in Cowboys and Indians Magazine, but shifted to more of an everyday wear collection.

Gretty Zueger’s designs continue to be travel-inspired, she incorporates ethnic, romantic symbols, and elements of nature into her pieces. The manufacturing is done with a high quality process. Each piece is drawn by hand, imprinted, and artisan embroidered, one piece at a time.

In many of Zueger’s collections, garments are dyed, using high-pigmented inks. This rinse process is eco-friendly because is uses less water than traditional dying methods. This is just one way Zueger is prioritizing environmental consciousness in the fashion realm.

Zueger also cares about her employees and customers. Garment workers have safe working conditions with a fair pay and benefits to support their families. Additionally, Zueger focuses on customer retention by providing eye-catching styles and feel good fabrics.

Loyal Gretty Zueger customers are always on alert for the the arrival of new products. After almost 20 years, Zueger continues to produce fashion that is romantic, feminine, and figure-friendly. Flowy silks, stretch panels, and hand cut patterns provide forever customers a flattering-fit.

While Gretty Zueger, stays true to her signature style, focusing mostly on cottons and silks, new collections will incorporate more fabrics and diverse pieces for special occasions. Go to www.GrettyZueger.com for quality, eco-friendly, and ethical couture.